Fishing in Wallaga Lake

BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park

Fishing in Wallaga Lake

Throughout the year the lake changes, effected by Tides when the lake is open, and when closed by rainfall. The lake is great for all water sports but fishing is one of the year round adventures that can be undertaken on Wallaga Lake.

There are a number of estuaries that feed into Wallaga Lake and a number of Habitat Protected areas also within the bounds of the lake and it's estuaries. The use of soft plastics and bait (Bait sold in the Park's Convenience Store as well as some basic Tackle items and rod sets), mean fish could well be on the BBQ tonight.

Whether you bring your own boat, kayak, canoe or hire the park's ones you can fish from the shore, the in Park Jetty or on something that floats the options are almost endless. It's just up to you to catch the fish.

There isn't a moment much more special than a child that has caught their first fish.

  • 82 m drive from BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park
186-188 Wallaga Lake Road
Wallaga Lake, NSW
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